Hello, I’m Mona Lotfizadeh. I’ve been tutoring Chemistry professionally since 2008, helping students in different parts of Greater Vancouver and the North Shore. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in General Science with a major in Chemistry from the University of British Columbia.

I’m passionate about Chemistry. It’s a fundamental part of our world, influencing everything around us. Understanding the basics of Chemistry isn’t just interesting; it’s essential for figuring out how the world works.

It helps us think logically, navigate life, and make better decisions. A solid grasp of Chemistry sets the stage for academic success and a fulfilling life.

I tutor students at various levels, including Regular Chemistry, IB Chemistry (Standard and Higher Level), AP Chemistry, and first-year university Chemistry. I also offer online tutoring via Zoom to accommodate different needs. I assist students in preparing for quizzes, final exams, IB and AP tests, SAT Chemistry Subject Tests, DAT, MCAT Chemistry tests, and more.

If you have any questions about my services, please feel free to reach out. My goal is to help students succeed in their academic journeys.

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