Mona was my chemistry tutor and she was a key factor that contributed to my success and high marks in AP Chemistry. She is incredibly knowledgeable and always had in-depth answers to my questions. Mona not only helped me to grasp complex concepts but she also gave me extra notes that built off of what I had learned at school. She made my life much easier.

Rachel Na
Collingwood School – 2018

Mona honestly is the best IB Chem tutor in the Greater Vancouver area. She knows the IB material extremely well and teaches with clarity. Her teaching style is very efficient and effective, especially with her very well organized notes she gives to all her students. Mona makes sure her students understand the course material completely and achieve their desired IB score. With her help, I managed to achieve a predicted of level 7 in IB Chemistry. Thank you Mona!

Ken Yang
Mulgrave School – 2019

Mona is a patient, enthusiastic and experienced teacher. Her dedication to teach chemistry has helped not only me, but many other students in different chemistry courses to achieve their goals. With her help, I was confident with study content and performed well in the IB exam.

Aaron Zhang
West Vancouver Secondary – 2018

Mona tutored me throughout IB Chemistry HL in grade 11 and 12. The course was taught at an accelerated rate at school; however, her notes were detailed an easy to study. She taught me the material incredibly well and helped me reach the top of my class in chemistry. She knows the course really well and helped me understand the concepts and any questions or problems I had issues with.

Sayeh Oloumi Yazdi
West Vancouver Secondary – 2018

Mona has been my chemistry tutor for multiple years and has been beyond helpful in teaching me my course material. She is extremely dedicated, and is very thorough in not only her teaching, but also making sure that her students have grasped concepts with confidence. She is always willing to answer questions and help out when she can – this is only a small example of her commitment and love for chemistry. I definitely would not have been as prepared for my tests without her help. Mona was instrumental in my success over the years. Thank You!

Muneet Gill
Collingwood School – 2018

Mona was my AP Chemistry tutor in the 2017-2018 school year. She was integral in my understanding of concepts and key ideas and she was pivotal in obtaining a high academic average. Her expertise and patience were unmatched and I would highly recommend her as a tutor.

Nicole Basran
Collingwood School – 2018

Mona is a very knowledgeable tutor and works so hard to adapt her teaching methods to each student successfully. She uses great teaching methods and techniques to drill every concept into your head, until they become so easy to understand and apply, and you become good at academics very quickly with her. You could not find a better tutor for Chemistry than her! On top of her academic knowledge and professionalism, she is also so kind and warmhearted, which only makes her students want to learn more and more. Overall, Mona is not only a great tutor but also a great mentor for students and kids! 10/10 best tutor I’ve ever had and will have! Thanks, Mona!

Arshia Shooshtari

Carson Graham Secondary – 2018

My Chemistry tutor Mona helped me a great deal and I literally could not survive without her. I started my grade 11 year late and missed half of the materials we learnt in class. However, I was still able to achieve the IB level 7 with all the materials I missed solely relying on her tutoring.

Hongrui(Reed) Zhang
Mulgrave School – 2019

Mona had been a lifesaver during my IB HL Chemistry course. I actually wouldn’t know what to do without her. She can cover the key points about a unit in such a short time and very fast-paced. And she teaches you basically everything that the examiners want you to know. Most importantly, she predicted a lot of the questions that were on my final exam this year.

Mofan (Laelia) Lei
Mulgrave School – 2019

Mona has tutored my friends and me for many years and I can say for a fact that she made the course material so much easier to comprehend. Her notes are very organized and easy to follow. She really foes the extra mile to ensure her students are achieving their full potential. Not only are Mona’s work ethics outstanding, but she also has a very kind heart and positive attitude. Thanks to Mona I now have a very good foundation in chemistry for more advanced university chemistry courses.

Sayna Mottei
Sentinel Secondary – 2017

I spent a great amount of time with Mona and enjoyed my classes with her a lot. I have improved a lot due to her excellent teaching methods and brilliant notes. Because of her help, I will now study sciences at UBC this year.

Corrine Zhu

West Vancouver Secondary – 2019

When I was struggling with Chem HL (IB) in Grade 11, Mona totally changed the game for me. Thanks to her expertise and effective teaching methods, I was able to feel confident in a class I used to dread going to. In addition to her skill as a tutor, she also understands people’s strengths/weaknesses РMona made an effort to deconstruct abstract concepts in a way suitable to my logical-mathematical learning style. I am so thankful that I had Mona as both a tutor and mentor in a very challenging time in the IB Programme. Based on my experience, I would easily recommend her. Thank you so much!

Jamie Cross

Mulgrave School – 2018

Mona was my chemistry tutor in grade 10, om addition too single handedly teaching me grade 11 and 12 chemistry online in less than a year! Her organised notes simplified many complex chemical problems for me and she even made learning chemistry enjoyable. Without her help I would’ve never been able to achieve the marks I did to get into dental school. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who wishes to improve their chemistry knowledge.

Dorrin Reyhani

Collingwood School – 2015

Mona is an excellent and smart tutor who is extremely knowledgeable in chemistry. She helped me with my high school chemistry courses. I can not thank her enough for all the time and patience she put in to our sessions. With her help, I was able to understand chemistry much easier and success through my courses.

Sahar Tahmasebpour

West Vancouver Secondary – 2016

Mona was my chemistry tutor for 2 years. Not only our classes were fun I learned a lot from her. She is very caring. I remember that she went away for a couple of months, but she still skyped me to answer my questions.

Naiz Sabaghchian
Mulgrave School – 2014